Westchester Residence

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Westchester Residence

Modern transformation of a traditional home

Fradkin & McAlpin’s addition transformed the face of this dramatically sited 1960s home. The new sloping copper roof, angled and perforated with multiple skylights, become an integral art of the façade and gives the house a distinct identity. Inside, the rich, quirky palette of warm colors, dark woods, timber beams, and rugged stone underscore the natural surroundings. Living, dining, and kitchen areas flow into one another, creating a space that is at once intimate and familial, graceful and sophisticated.

Key details

  • Added a new family room, kitchen pantry, and guest bath
  • Pinned the addition to the underlying rock ledge
  • Designed highly refined, built-in cabinetry

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Westchester, NY


3,200 sf

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