Fradkin & McAlpin Hosts PennDesign Architecture Student Projects

Fradkin & McAlpin Hosts PennDesign Architecture Student Projects

Announcement | June 1, 2017

The New York City studio of Fradkin & McAlpin Architects celebrated a collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania’s PennDesign Architecture Department's and Manitoga/The Russell Wright Design Center, of which Fradkin & McAlpin principal David McAlpin is a trustee. Through this collaboration PennDesign students are creating a variety of designs for a temporary pavilion that are based on the mid-century designs of noted industrial designer Russell Wright. Manitoga,  which is located just south of Garrison, NY , honors the architect’s work and his belief in design that works in harmony with nature.

To create the designs advanced student groups focused on sophisticated  construction techniques and newer students focused on design, modeling,  and visualization. At the celebration, work from each stage of the project was displayed throughout Fradkin & McAlpin's offices in the form of posters, 3D models and samples of the custom foam-and-metal pieces that will be used in the final installation. Seeing the designs in the setting of an active architectural practice created a palpable excitement among the guests.

Fradkin & McAlpin is proud to support this collaboration and the installation of the pavilion, which will be available for viewing beginning June 2, 2017.


PennDesign prepares students to address complex sociocultural and environmental issues through thoughtful inquiry, creative expression, and innovation. As a diverse community of scholars and practitioners, PennDesign is committed to advancing the public good both locally and globally through art, design, planning, and preservation.


Located in Garrison, New York, approximately one hour north of New York City, Manitoga is the House, Studio and 75-acre Woodland Garden of American industrial designer Russel Wright (1904-1976). One of the few 20th century modern homes and landscapes open to the public in New York State. Manitoga is a National Historic Landmark and an Affiliate Site of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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