Coldwell Banker Commercial

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Coldwell Banker Commercial

Office interiors that support corporate honesty and collaboration

For its first Manhattan venture, Coldwell Banker Commercial Properties needed a smart, contemporary space to lure a savvy staff to its start-up office in an anonymous midtown high-rise. Fradkin & McAlpin’s design brought a fresh, bright style to the new venture. Glass partitions provide both the acoustic privacy that brokers need and the sense of community that they enjoy. The lush terrace provides an impressive venue for networking events, which attract clients and keep office energy high.

Key Details

  • Expressed our client's values of transparency, community, and professionalism in the design
  • Planned the space to accommodate differing requirements of disparate departments
  • Developed the design to bring natural light into the center of the space
  • Specified low VOC carpet and finishes
  • Developed landscaped gardens on adjoining terraces to host meetings and special events

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New York, NY


6,000 sf


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